ABC Alphabet Phonics

Alphabet Kids Software Game

Product Description:

Tap and Learn ABC! A beautiful app for preschool kids to learn ABC!

ABC Alphabet Phonics is an educational, interesting and entertaining kid's game app for preschoolers and toddlers. Your kids will learn to identify the letters of the alphabet through touch, sight and sound. Every page has three to ten objects on it. The kid is asked to touch one of the objects or letters letters. This app can be personalized!

ABC Alphabet Phonics facilitates everything your kid requires to learn the phonics, alphabet, and the sound and first words connected with every letter. Your kid can tap on each and every animated picture or letters and objects will appear on the device screen with the sound of the first letter and sound out the words. Learning to connect every letter with the phonics sound is an essential first step for children to learn to read. The enjoyable and entertaining format will keep kids engaged as they learn.

Children will learn:
✔ Lower case vs. Upper case letters
✔ The order of the letters
✔ Letter sound vs. Letter name

✔ You can personalize the app
✔ Make your own minimum and maximum objects to display
✔ Display a hint (can be turned off)
✔ Select your own objects from a number of options in the settings
✔ Enhanced difficulty (up to ten letters per page) as the kid progresses
✔ A corner button for repeated instructions
✔ Positive support for choosing the correct letter (can be turned off OR record your own to put in its place)
✔ Learn by sight, sound, and touch
✔ Quiet beeping to inspire the kids to try again (can be turned off OR record your own to put in it's place)
✔ Fun phonics song animations from A to Z
✔ Fun and engaging voice artist keep kids focused

In-App Purchases:
✔ There are no in-app purchases for this application.