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Welcome to Playtipus, your dedicated home for buying Children's Apps and submitting your unique Kid's Software. Discover over 40 fantastic Kid's Apps that teach your children their essential skills and keeps your kids occupied and entertained, all while helping them learn more quickly!

As the leading supplier of Children's Apps & Children's Software, Playtipus has created a culture of childhood development that cannot be topped. From Dora's Big Birthday Adventure to Halfbrick Studios' famous Fruit Ninja, we've got you covered. Your kids can even grow up on some of the same classics you did like Tetris! Hours and hours of fun, puzzles, reading, and knowledge all completely focused for your child's age group.

It's no secret that Playtipus has opened up new ways of learning for children across the globe by supplying the best Children's Software. Whether it's learning State Capitals & Abbreviations, learning a new instrument, or using digital flash cards, Playtipus allows your kids to grow on an entirely new level.

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Kid's Software Programmers from around the world have gathered to share their creations with the Playtipus community! Are you a developer that is new here? Perfect! You're invited to submit your Children's Apps to the Playtipus community today. For consideration, please fill out our App Submission Form. As we get hundreds of submissions each week, we ask you to please have patience when awaiting a response!

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We hope we are able to get your app in front of the right audience and to help you as a developer create a name for yourself and build your brand image as solid as your Kid's Apps are. Our website gains the traffic needed to make almost all of our select Kid's Software developers successful. If your submission is being considered by Playtipus, you will be notified promptly of the next steps to be taken. Thank you!

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