ABC Preschool: Pop Colorful Balloons Letters

ABC Preschool: Pop Colorful Balloons Letters

Product Description:

"ABC Preschool: Popl Colorful Ballons Letters to Learn Alphabet Phonics. Endless joy reading and spelling" is the true, full name of the application according to the Apple Store. Your child will have fun selecting letters of the alphabet. S/he will have fun (and learn a lot!) by seeing and hearing examples of different words that begin with that letter. All the letters of the alphabet are available for free! Once your child is shown an example of a word that begins with their chosen letter, s/he then pops balloons containing the corresponding letter. This game is lots of fun for young hands and minds!

✔ Multiple example words for each letter
✔ Balloons that do not match focus letter do not pop when tapped; they bounce
✔ Play with all 26 letters of the alphabet for free
✔ Have fun popping lots of balloons to reinforce letter recognition

In-App Purchases:
✔ Remove Advertisements, $0.99