Alphabet Aquarium Vol 1: Animated Puzzle Games

Alphabet Aquarium Vol 1: Animated Puzzle Games

Product Description:

The best-selling Alphabet Aquarium School Vol 1 offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn the alphabet. Four puzzle worlds allow for visual letter construction paired with professional voice over guidance. Advertisements cover most of the opening screen and the touchy controls require an intermediate level of dexterity. Also, only a portion of the alphabet is free. Additional letters will ask for an in-game purchase. Once we get past the downsides, this is a fun and educational adventure that will certainly keep your kids entertained.

✔ 4 game modes: Letters Puzzle, Animals Puzzle, Sky Puzzle, Beach Puzzle
✔ Possibility for parents to turn on/off only the games they want their children to practice
✔ Bright, colorful, child-friendly design
✔ Numerous adorable hand-drawn animations and illustrations for each letters
✔ All pronunciation by professional voice-over artists

In-App Purchases Include:
Full Version (Every letter A-Z) for $1.99