Art Explosion 800,000

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Product Description:

A great art software offering 800,000+ Royalty-Free Images on 5 DVDs. More than 80% Color Images. Includes More Than 350,000 Exclusive Graphics.

Art Explosion is the product that computer experts/users all across the world keep dealing back to over and over. Art Explosion is a very popular brand for providing products with the highest possible quality and unparalleled variety. And they provide the kind of really amazing and beautiful artwork which you hardly find in other selections.

Art Explosion 800,000 proceeds this convention with professionally designed web graphics, brand new photographs, exclusive vector illustrations and more. It is the most complete Windows or Mac clip art package released by Nova Development.

The best thing is Art Explosion 800,000 requires no memberships and downloads. What you get is all inside the box and, What you see is what you get.

Why You Need It?
✔ 34 Discs in Folders
✔ Complete book with all the artwork you can toss through
✔ Bonus involves a copy of DrawPlus

Included are 5 DVDs and our selective Quick Locator lists. Accessible by mail for $4.95 shipping and handling is a 1800-page printed catalog. The catalog additionally incorporates an instruction manual explaining how to add clip art to documents in almost any application. Art Explosion 800,000 needs no downloads or online memberships.

✔ Easy to Use: Well known File and image formats such as JPG, TIF, WMF, GIF, etc. Everything is available In the Box
✔ High Quality: Premium quality images, includes numerous of categories and subcategories, More than 80% in Color
✔ Genuine Value: Includes 1800 fonts, More Than 350,000 Exclusive Graphic, Includes 1800 Fonts
✔ Compatibility: Compatible with a wide selection of softwares, Scale maximum images to any size.
✔ A wide selection of Graphics Available such as fine art, backgrounds, photographs, vector images, classic and retro images, Raster Images, animations, fonts, technical symbols, and much More!

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