Baby Rattle

Baby Rattle

Product Description:

Baby Rattle is simply put, a digital baby rattle. You set your rattle theme for your device to produce sounds that will calm and entertain your baby. Onscreen characters will also interact and produce sounds when touched. Three themes are free and additional screens can be bought with an in-app purchase. Baby Rattle features some very clever options for parents including a child screen lock, airplane force mode and black & white newborn themes.

✔ Calm babies with interactive rattle toy
✔ Choose from four rattle styles
✔ Enjoy animation with sound
✔ Lock to ensure child does not exit app
✔ Set to force Airplane mode to avoid radiation exposure

In-App Purchases:
Theme: Animals $0.99
Theme: Learn Letters $0.99
Theme: Airplanes $0.99
Theme: Toys $0.99
Theme: High Contrast $0.99
Theme: Ships $0.99