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Product Description:

The widely loved and adored purple dinosaur is back in Barney's Storybook Treasury. Children and folks can select to read stories on their own or perhaps be interpret for you by an expert storyteller. A must for kids that love barney movies and books. More content is accessible with an in-app purchase.

Barney’s Storybook Treasury stars the most loved and adored purple dinosaur and also includes three of Barney’s loved stories for young readers as well as kids. Also facilitating Baby BJ and Bop, this dynamic and exciting storybook selection guides kids through Tee-riffic adventures and makes learning a good time for every individual!

Barney’s Storybook Treasury facilitates children and folks three distinct methods of reading:
1. Read By Myself: In this mode, you read the story book by yourself.
2. Auto Play: In this mode, the stories are played automatically.
3. Read To Me: In this mode, the story is narrated to you

Every book additionally includes read aloud narration, fun sounds and animations, and highlighted text on every single page of the books.

What Can It Be? Kids use their thinking power to find out clues and unfold a mystery or riddle.

✔ Three different methods of reading: Auto Play, Read To Me and Read by Myself
✔ Read aloud narration, fun sounds and animations, and Highlighted text, on every single page
✔ Easy to learn and play
✔ User-friendly interface
✔ Kids Safe
✔ Exciting and fun educational games
✔ Barney Says, Please and Thank You: Your children find out about manners and behaviour with Barney.
✔ Baby Bop’s ABC Book: Young readers or kids learn and memorize the alphabets with Baby Bop.

This is a beautiful, fun and exciting kid's story app. Download Barney's Storybook Treasury today!

In-App Purchases:
✔ Baby Bop's ABC Book $0.99
✔ Barney says, "Please and Thank You" $0.99