BT Handwriting

BT Handwriting

Product Description:

BT Handwriting will help young children build core handwriting, and letter recognition. Kid's are instructed in how to form the letter with audio and visual cues before they allowed to try on their own. If you are working on penmanship together with your child this is a wonderful app but you must allow time to check their work as there is no in-game feature to recognize correct forms. The free version allows for practice on the whole uppercase alphabet and a in-game upgrade will open up new sections in lowercase, numbers, whole words and spanish.

✔ Designed by a teacher that specializes in elementary school reading and writing
✔ Identify the symbols for Capital Letters
✔ Identify letter sounds and examples of words with initial letter sounds
✔ Master correct letter formation
✔ Allows students to save their work to the device photo

In-App Purchases:
Full version available for $1.99