Cars: Fast as Lightning

Cars Children's App

Product Description:

Are you up to the challenge? Beat your rivals on the most Exciting Car Racing Games!

Everybody cherishes a decent racing game! Be a part of Lightning McQueen, Todd, Mater and also the rest of the gang while they race, create tracks and sponsor an awesome EXTRAVAGANZA! Participate in and place Radiator Springs on the map!

Car Racing game for children, facilitates them to control the car by tilting your gadget, as well as bump the hurdles and other cars on the track.

A fun car game for children presenting cartoon cars such as Lightning McQueen, Todd, Mater, and more. Play and Race as your favored Cars characters with fast turbo boosted and nitro charged racing!

Pick your most loved character and win! Races with various rivals on tracks full of hills, trampolines, and other hurdles. Build your own track, constructing it from an assortment of components.

If your kids love cars, then this game is for them! easy navigation to the sport itself, then an array of massive buttons on the screen to cause the car do cute and funny things, all with entertaining music and fun sounds to keep your kids entertained for a long time.

Type: Racing Game

✔ Kids Friendly
✔ Simple to use controls
✔ Step by step directions as you play through the game
✔ Amazing animation cut scenes and voice acting
✔ Appreciate an progressing storyline
✔ Earn new cars, stickers, new tracks and many more!
✔ Appreciate an assortment of various mini-games
✔ Kids Safe
✔ Amazing cartoon art drawn by professional illustrators
✔ Touch controls and interface designed for kids
✔ Press and hold button to limit menu access to guardians
✔ Fully customisable gaming experience!

Essentially a must have if your kids love cars and digital games. Visit back regularly for various new and energizing Car games and other exciting Kid's Video Apps.

In-App Purchases:
✔ Various virtual items.