Diego's Ultimate Rescue League

Diego's Ultimate Rescue League

Product Description:

Investigate, Discover and Learn with Diego, the Animal Rescuer. Join Diego on Rescue Island and offer him some assistance with rescuing some of the world's baby animals who are lost and hungry! Travel up tall mountains and underwater to rescue more animals. Can you support take the baby animals back to their habitat?

Rescuers travel from all across the globe to Rescue Island to save baby animals. Your children can assist Diego get his World's Rescuer Patch by saving the baby Platypus, baby Komodo, and baby Gentoo penguin and other baby animals. These child creatures need to return back to their particular habitats! Play the best Diego's Ultimate Rescue League!

Keep an eye out for hurdles, including logs, mud puddles, condors, clouds, and seagulls! Along the path, don't forget to gather food for the hungry baby animals and rescue league patches as well.

Diego's Ultimate Rescue League is loaded with quests, innovative mini-games, and interactive games developed to assist your kid master basic skills in an exciting and adventurous surroundings.

With Diego's Ultimate Rescue League your kid will travel all across the globe assisting to save Baby Animals in need and in the mean time also learning preschool basics and teamwork along the way. During the rescue mission you will drive numerous cool rescue vehicles, play mini-games and collect rescue patches to bring the baby animals back to their habitats.

✔ Exciting activities for preschoolers
✔ Build essential skills
✔ Ultimately Rescue!
✔ User-friendly interface
✔ Easy to learn and play
✔ Innovative and educational mini-games
✔ Cool badges and printables
✔ Multilevel intuitive games for a fun-filled approach to learning

Use the mouse to drive rescue vehicles, play mini-games and collect patches to bring the baby animals back to their habitats.
See in-game help for brief instructions.

Children can learn and discover more about these baby animals and their different habitats. Download Diego's Ultimate Rescue League today!

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