Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Product Description:

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a well crafted Real-Time-Strategy game. Based off of a beloved franchise, Rise of Berk doesn't disappoint in bringing back all of your favorite dragon characters to help build and grow your Viking territory. Whats more surprising is how well graphics, music and gameplay are executed. In game purchases like runes are available but aren't necessary to progress in the game.

✔ Discover your favorite DreamWorks Dragons from the movie, including Toothless, Stormfly,Hookfang and Skullcrusher
✔ Collect and grow 30 different Dragon species, like Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares andTyphoomerangs
✔ Explore 25 unique islands throughout the Viking territory
✔ Complete missions with all the characters from DreamWorks Dragons
✔ Stunning visual & audio effects with 3D animations

In-App Purchases:
Bunch of Runes $1.99
Mound of Runes $4.99
Pile of Runes $9.99
Heap of Runes $19.99
Wealth of Runes $49.99