Endless Reader

Endless Reader

Product Description:

"Endless Reader" if a fun and engaging app for your early reader! This application uses sight words, reinforces individual letter recognition, and puts those words into sentence! These sentences come complete with a fun and silly visual representation (i.e. "Grumpkin likes to eat three sardines on his spaghetti!"). This is an entertaining and truly educational "game" for your child.

✔ A list of sight words are on the home page, which are read aloud when tapped
✔ Each word is broken down and the sound of each letter is modeled
✔ The sight words make up silly sentences with silly mini-videos to go along!
✔ Keep your child interested with all of the fun and different noises and voices throughout
✔ Consistent postive reinforcement is provided when the child successfully completes a task

In-App Purchases:
✔ Reader Pack 1, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 2, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 3, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 4, $4.99
✔ Reader Packs 1-4, $11.99
✔ Reader Pack 5, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 6, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 7, $4.99
✔ Reader Pack 8, $4.99
✔ Reader Packs 5-8, $11.99