Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall

Product Description:

"Frozen Free Fall" is your Elsa lovers dream! It's very similiar to the game "Bejewled" - but instead of regular jewels, you have icy puzzles! Slide and match to make rows of three or more and get the most points before time (or your alloted number of moves) runs out!

✔ Play on with renewable lives
✔ Connect to facebook and see how your friends are doing
✔ Match the different items - sunglasses, ice, or jewels - into rows of more than three and earn special gems

In-App Purchases:
✔ Large Pack of Snowballs, $2.99
✔ Full Set of Lives, $0.99
✔ Small Pack of Snowballs, $0.99
✔ Medium Pack of Snowballs, $1.99
✔ Large Pack of Power-ups, $2.99
✔ X-Large Pack of Snowballs, $4.99
✔ Small Pack of Ice Picks, $0.99
✔ Large Pack of Ice Picks, $2.99
✔ Small Pack of Power-ups, $0.99
✔ Medium Pack of Power-ups, $1.99