Gumbo Free

Gumbo Free

Product Description:

"Gumbo Free" is the free version of "Where's Gumbo?" and entertains children while teaching them the names and sounds to different animals, such as a bear and a duck. Your child will tap to look behind different objects searching for Gumbo, the narrator's dog. This free download is fairly short, lasting four to five screens until you find Gumbo! This is a fun and entertaining app for your young child to play.

✔ Learn the names and sounds of a variety of different animals
✔ Allow young fingers to learn to tap and click through by themselves
✔ Listen to relatable, children's voices throughout

In-App Purchases:
There are no in-app purchases, but there is a full version available ("Where's Gumbo?") for $0.99 which is longer and gives the option of adding a picture of your own pet.