iCarly Children's App

Product Description:

Get Your Major Break on iCarly's Big Sock Telethon. Co-host the iSOCK IT TO 'EM Telethon with Carly. Hours & Hours of Crazy Amazing Game Play. Unique iSOCK IT TO 'EM Game Tool Tips. Amazing Rewards and Absolute Performance Feedback.

iSOCK IT TO ‘EM is challenging, fun and totally exciting! Assist Carly and companions tape a telethon in iCarly iSock It To 'Em, an exciting and fun game for all ages. The more points gained, the more socks get donated, and therefore the greater a win Spencer's sock sculpture will be! Can Freddie hold his camera on target? Can you retain Sam and Spencer out of hassle at the judges' table?

Tackle on 28 fun and excited levels, managing performing artists, taping the show and adjusting the lighting. You have to assist Carly and her companions arrange web Telethon so as to get more socks. Keep in mind that the more members participate in this show the higher socks you gain. Make use of your great time management art in : iSock It To 'Em to create the highest sock tower! Hurry! Only 28 hours to gather enough number of socks.

The iCarly iSOCK IT TO ‘EM game is loaded with hours and hours of amazing and entertaining game play, awesome rewards, cool performance feedback and unique iSOCK IT TO ‘EM Game Tool Tips, in addition to 5 fresh animated comics including the iCarly Crew.

✔ Co-host the iSOCK IT TO ‘EM Telethon with Carly
✔ Long Hours of fun and exciting Game Play
✔ Unique iSOCK IT TO ‘EM Game Tool Tips
✔ Amazing Rewards
✔ Absolute Performance Feedback
✔ Windows and Mac compatible
✔ Exclusive Update
✔ Entertain artists with dancing Spencer

It is an amazing and entertaining game, exclusively designed for you. You will get true fun and entertainment. So, Download it now!

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