Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures Children's App

Product Description:

Get Prepared for Ice Age Adventures!

Begin some fun adventures together with your companions Manny, Sid and Diego! Mostly Sid, as you struggle with him to glide from island to island to rescue the heard after Scrat breaks them away with another one of his acorn stunts!

Ice age adventures is a new adventure children's app available for PC, iOS and Android devices. In this game, You will invest the majority of your time and energy investigating various distinct islands for individuals and treasures of the village. The game itself is truly fun and has a group of addicting mini games in the complete course. The game was developed very well and appears like it is going to be a big success.

Ice Age Adventures is a free game that moves around you rescuing a group of animals, involving Manny, Sid and Diego. All through the game, you will need to travel through unknown land and overcome obstacles, such as angry animals, keeping in mind the end goal is to rescue the herd and search all the companions. You will have mini games you can play that assist you rescue your furry companions. Therefore, it is a little bit of adventure and investigation, enclosed with mini games, and the main objective of rescuing the herd.

✔Travel and Investigate the adventure land with Manny, Sid, and Diego as playable cast
✔Find unimaginable situations like treacherous lush lands and snowy islands
✔Conquer intense obstacles and experiences with undermining enemies so as to locate the missing herd

✔Enjoy fun minigames!
✔Travel, investigate and rescue your companions on an assortment of snowy islands
✔Repair bridges, build houses and take down trees - all in the name of the heard

In-App Purchases:
✔Various virtual currency purchases (Shells,Acorns and Berries), which can be acquired by paying with real money.