Product Description:

iStoryBooks is a no-hassle reading app that will let your kids connect with their favorite classic stories. Flip through story books at your own pace or listen to them being narrated in a movie mode. The audio is excellent but some aspects the artwork and captions could be improved upon. If your child is learning to read this is a great way to build their book library on your device.

✔ Enjoy interactive children's story books with audio suitable for ages 2 to 8
✔ Parents can add books to their library from the iStoryBooks catalog
✔ Read along with the professional narration while your child enjoys colorful and engaging pictures
✔ Store all media on the SD card--tap Menu while in myLibrary to use this feature
✔ Enable movie mode and pages will flip automatically

In-App Purchases:
Chicken Little $0.99
The Little Mermaid $0.99
Rapunzel $0.99
Cars $0.99
The Leap Frog $0.99