Magic Piano

Magic Piano Kid's Software Game

Product Description:

Do you or your kids love music? This free app gives you a little taste and a little entertainment of playing the piano! Select a song to play, mash up on a silly solo piano or blow everybody away by playing some beautiful music in the daily challenges! No matter your age, this is the musical app for you.

Make your soul feel at ease with the awesome sounds of piano while playing your loved tunes on genuine and most appreciated piano rhythm game. Play your loved music with your own sound and spin.

Magic Piano is a creative kid's app developed by Smule. It empowers its users to play a song with a piano simply by tapping on the light beams appearing on the screen. It proposes a rich database where users can add new songs, choose a song to play, and even purchase some with genuine cash, thanks to weekly, monthly or annual membership.

Magic Piano is a musical game in which it is extremely easy to illustrate a number of the most popular songs of the past. The gameplay of this app is very simple and easy, because to play the songs all you have to do is to keep tapping the light beams which appear falling from the top of the screen.

When you finish tunes, which you can sort and classify by various criteria, you will see the score you got in each of them from no to three stars.

✔ Download and save free and purchased songs in your songbook to play at any time
✔ Unlock achievements and open up new new piano types and songs
✔ Play freestyle, solo, on a variety of fun and silly pianos
✔ Listen to someone else in the world playing their Magic Piano

In-App Purchases:
✔ All Access Pass, $2.99
✔ Starter Smoola Pack, $2.99
✔ Mini Smoola Pack, $0.99
✔ All Access Pass, $7.99
✔ Mini Smoola Pack, $1.99
✔ Medium Smoola Pack, $9.99
✔ Small Smoola Pack, $4.99
✔ All Access Pass, $1.99
✔ Pro Smoola Pack, $19.99
✔ All Access Pass, $4.99