PicsArt for Kids

PicsArt Children's Creative App

Product Description:

PicsArt Kids is your go-to app for coloring, drawing, and imaginative play. PicsArt for Kids is a free app for the Android developed by PicsArt Inc. It is an excellent educational app for the kids.

Kids and adults will discover hours and hours of enjoyment as they discover their imaginations while investigating the basic rules of art and drawing.

PicsArt for Kids is an intuitive coloring and drawing app that assists boost your kid's amazing imagination and dreams. Color cars, fish, dinosaurs, fish, cars or draw your own imaginations. A few of the coloring is somewhat prohibitive as you cannot join paint or colors outside the lines, so this app might be best for younger kids.

PicsArt is the an excellent coloring and drawing app for making your child innovative. Every kid is an artist, so assist yours enhance their imagination and creativity! Kids countless hours of enjoyment in this app as they investigate their imagination through creating art, coloring and drawing.

PicsArt Kids app has excellent quality content curated with artists and it joins 3 apps in one:
1. Drawing App: is similar to an empty canvass designed for children and tested with children.
2. Coloring App: with appealing delineated cartoons, fishes, dinosaurs, cars, etc. to color that backings multi touch shading filling. And also, when they are done with their drawings, save all of your kid’s creation to your in-app gallery so that you can use or see them in future.
3. Learning app: educates the children how to draw beginning off with simple and easy shapes that can be utilized to draw people, things and animals, etc.

✔ Drawing and coloring for learning skills
✔ Designed for Android Devices
✔ Great educating app for children and parents

Download the PicsArt for Kids now and have hours of enjoyment with the children doing creative activities. Visit back regularly for various new and exciting kid's creative apps.

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✔ Full version $0.99